WWE Divas and Playboy


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wwe, divasWell we all know that when guys think about WWE Divas, It is never how hard they punch or kick but how hot they look and who sexy they were when they enter, during fights and how still super-hot they look after each match. Well this article will talk about WWE Divas who has been with playboy and also do not forget that Playboy has been a big part in WWE Diva division until they were on TV and rated PG, that it was stopped. Even though the program of playboy in WWE like the WWE Playboy pillow fight or the Playboy tag team, Torrie Wilson and Sable, Playboy still had played a big role in promoting the WWE divas.

Anyways, I have had the list below of those who joined and posed for playboy magazines.

1999: WWF Sable

2000: WWF Chyna

2003: WWE Torrie Wilson

2004: WWE Torrie Wilson and WWE Sable

2005: WWE Christy Hemme

2006: WWE Candice Michelle

2007: WWE Ashley

2008: WWE Maria

And also have the list to those WWE Diva wrestler who had turn down the offer to post for playboy.

WWF Trish Stratus

WWE Lita

WWE Debra

WWE Sharmell

WWE Stacy Keibler

WWE Michelle McCool

WWE Melina

Do you know that some WWE divas started out as Playmates before joining WWE? Well it is true, there a few handful Divas that were playmates just like WWE Carmella Decesare and WWE Karen McDougal.
wwe, divasEven though they didn’t join those who pose naked on Playboy Magazine, I can tell you that you don’t have to be naked to be sexy. And most guys would agree that little clothes would be more sexier especially with using their imagination. Sometimes as well having full clothes showing the sexy part of a lady is really sexy. Do you know some even use the Playboy brand to increase their popularity like creating a fuzz that they were offered to posse in the magazine and turned it down. This would make people think how moral someone because they turn it down. Anyways, I hope you like my article about Playboy and the WWE Divas. More Power to Playboy WWE Divas who are not afraid to show more skin and those support from drooling guys.

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